SEO For Health Products

Search engine optimization can be ideal for any business, but especially health products.


In general, the “healthy” food and supplementation markets are very saturated. People are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of processed food and are moving toward consuming healthier food options. That’s why it is important to not only have a great product, a great content marketing strategy but to also integrate SEO as part of that strategic arsenal.


According to the 2015 Consumer Survey, 68% of all Americans take health supplements in the course of their daily regime. 62% of which order these supplements online. It’s not hard to put two and two together here and know that there is a vast marketplace for selling health supplements online. So by not deploying these things, it will be close to impossible to receive any visitors to your site. I have a few tips on getting started too, by the way.


Tip #1: Figure out a way to market your product with a long tail keyword.

It’s not secret that long tail keywords are easier to rank for and less search volume than something broad. They are, however, more accurate. The searcher using a search engine like Google is typing this out because they want something specific, and not just a bunch of query results they have to sort through by hand.


Tip #2: Do your keyword research.

By doing keyword research, or having a reputable SEO agency do it for you, you can see how much volume a keyword receives. There are many tools you can use, but I like Ahrefs the best. This tool finds links quickest and also gives you keyword suggestions based on what you typed in. For example, if I were marketing water ionizers, I might find that the keyword best water ionizer is much easier and receives a similar amount of searches per month than plain old “water ionizer.” It’s a longer tail keyword like mentioned above, receives a similar amount of searches, and is easier to rank for. Work hard, but work smart too.


Tip #3: Have product differentiation.

This is general business advice but also mixes well in the world of marketing and SEO. Like I mentioned above, there are so many Americans using health supplements so as a result, there are so many sellers of health supplements. Having a competitive edge with your product allows you to separate yourself from the crowd and stand out. This will help your brand as well as your internet marketing strategy.


I want to end out this blog post by showing you some brands that are doing great things with their marketing, including SEO. Let’s start with Tyent USA. They do a great job by ranking for big keywords and posting a lot of videos to YouTube.


Some other brands include Muscle Pharm, BodyBuilding, and Dr. Oz.


Remember, SEO is best for health products that have either high search volume, high ticket products, or ideally both. Without having at least one of these factors, there is essentially no reason you should focus on SEO because you should likely rank for your target keyword pretty naturally. I hope this helps.

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