Local SEO Agency – Which One’s Right For Me?

Choosing the Best SEO Agency

Choosing a local SEO agency for your business is a task that should be met with a certain level of due diligence. There are many SEO’ers that will over promise and under deliver, and that’s never what you are looking for.

Be cautious, this is an industry that does not require a college degree or a certification. We are writing this article to provide you with the correct framework when hiring a search engine optimization company.

First and foremost, you want to look at who you are dealing with. Analyze the person who is pitching their services to you and ask yourself, “Does this person believe in what they are saying? Do they seem competent? Are they talking in my best interests and what I will receive, or do they just keep talking about themselves?” These are great questions to ask yourself to guide you in the right direction. Kotton Grammer runs an incredible SEO agency if you’re in Chicago or Orlando. If you’re based in New Jersey, this is a great New Jersey SEO Company that you can check out. This link takes you to their promotional video.

Secondly, ask them if they have a Google Adwords Certification. If you have a Google Plus Account, you can look up that person to see if they have one here https://plus.google.com. People ask me why this is important, and I just respond that the more you know about Google and way it ranks websites, the better. With Google Adwords, you are PAYING Google to show your ads, preferably first. In the Adwords training, they tell you about their ranking system and how to optimize your ad for best performance. This knowledge transfers over to free ads, which is essentially what SEO is. Check out this SEO company in New Jersey that we like.

Third, ask this person about their experience and where they currently rank. Rankings can speak for themselves when it comes to competency. If they’re not ranked for their target keyword, why will they be able to rank your website? Just so you’re aware, there are some niches that are very competitive and Google makes it hard to rank quickly. So, if they’re a new site, don’t harp over the fact that they’re not number 1.

Check out their website, and also ask them if they have any testimonials or references you can contact. If they have absolutely no one but swear they’re good at what they do, then either run or bargain for a great deal. Here’s another article you can check out for further information on how to screen SEO agencies.


We hope this helped! Cheers.


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