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Testimonial to Kotton Grammer’s SEO Skills

Having the Pleasure of Meeting the Legend of SEO

There are plenty of SEO “experts” out there who blog all over the place about how they practice search engine optimization, and what’s currently working within Google’s algorithm. And based on what I heard from the legend, Kotton Grammer, it’s really on the wrong path. They understand basic SEO, and essentially know on-page strategy along with tailoring content based on valuable keywords but that’s really all they got. In reality of Google, that’s not reality at all. That’s content creation with basic on-page understanding of SEO and links.


Kotton goes on to explain that a proper SEO strategy starts with a deep backlink and anchor text understanding. Backlinks are other sites linking to your “money site” which is ultimately the site you want to rank for. These backlinks must be a quality website that is relevant to your money site. This relevancy factor is becoming more and more important as time goes on. Google wants to see these backlinks are not spammy, irrelevant links. They are cracking down on this $5 SEO strategy that gets you a bunch of links that are coming from free hosted sites, or bad quality websites.

SEO Strategies


Backlinks are like a vote to your site. Another site found whatever is on your site important enough to link out to you, so Google understands that and give credit to you having backlinks. Just be cautious to what links you ultimately try and get. Make sure these sites are trusted (Google’s mission is to provide accurate and relevant information on the web) and are relevant to your website. You might say, “Wow, that’s great advice. Now how do I get backlinks?”


That’s where real SEO strategy comes into play.


A good place to start for local businesses is using tools like Bright Local to find what local directories are very valuable and also have authority. Once you find a list of about 150 directories (yes, it can take a while) you must create an account on each one of them and add keyword rich information within each of them. They usually don’t count as a followed backlink to your site, but Google sees your business creating a presence on trusted directories. More importantly, this is RELEVANT and NATURAL.

Next, create optimized social media accounts on MANY platforms. By adding similar information on each account, you help Google understand who you are and what it is your site is about. It is helpful to add photos, videos, and as much content as possible with keywords integrated throughout. You should also link out to your money site from these profiles. Again, these are generally no-follow links, however, they still tie your site with the profile in Google’s eyes and they now know you have a web presence.

This is an integral part of your SEO strategy because if your site is brand spanking new, and you have no other presence online, why would other sites be linking to you? It just looks sketchy so Google will investigate further as to why you’re receiving these “votes” from other sites. In closing, get your directories and social media accounts optimized and set up.


Next is to get some backlinks. This can be done by creating quality content on your social media accounts and getting your following to share it to their friends. You can also create valuable infographics and get a bunch of backlinks that way. Other companies in your industry would love to use a great infographic, and in exchange for allowing them to use it, you can make them link back to your site. Another strategy is commenting on relevant blogs, and include your link at the bottom.


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Don’t just take my word that Kotton is an SEO genius. Take it upon yourself to Check out YouTube and see that many people who learn from him think the same thing.