Internet Marketing & SEO


The World is Changing

Will Your Business Adapt?

It’s astonishing to see how rapidly SEO and the internet of things are changing. Certain things in this world remain stagnant for long periods of time, and some are the complete opposite. The internet and all of the things that are part of this enormous revelation have changed at such a pace that, if you don’t stay on top of things, you will be left behind. Especially when you are a business owner or are trying to make money online.

I see it over and over again where a business owner says they don’t utilize technology or the internet for their business. And to be frank, that can work. For some people. Some individuals have successfully created such a name for themselves, and established their business in such a way, that customers and clients continue to walk through the door because everyone know who they are. On the flip side of that, however, building such a trusted reputation is difficult and many people in business would be surprised at how much more revenue they’re leaving on the table by being resistant the world we live in.

Adaptability is one the finest traits. Being able to get thrown into different environments and adapt to change, be open to change, and ultimately succeed in this new environment is incredible. Too often do we see people being prideful of their resistance to new things. “I don’t have a web presence. Heck, I don’t even use email.”

Excuse me?

The remark is conveyed with pride. Proud of being ignorant and unadaptable. I understand that the above remarks may not directly correlate with your style of thinking, but I urge you to take an audit of yourself. Are you being too resistant to grow?

Let’s just take a look at this 2015 report of the amount of people online.

It’s broken down in an easier to read format here on Time magazine: Time Magazine internet report

The point of all of this is to visualize what’s currently happening and put yourself in the best position to succeed as this world changes more and more. Since business owner’s decisions effect the economy more drastically, this article is meant to serve you most. The better company you can have, the more employees and benefits programs you can give back.

So, where are we at now and what should I be focused on? Well, to start you should make sure you have a website. If you don’t know how to create a cheap one, check out or . They are starter sites but honestly, they won’t do you much good. It much more powerful to purchase your own domain and host that domain on a trusted hosting provider such as

If you’re not tech savvy, but you’re interested in knowing how you can thrive in today’s market, you should look at hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) firm. They often know great web designers and will optimize your site so it is user-friendly, and will show up high in the search engines. The SEO firms often do marketing for your social media and will create an incredible online presence for your business. SEO is essentially driving internet traffic to your web properties, and the content that’s involved along with the aesthetics are what make people engage, and ultimately convert into paying customers.

If all of this is too extreme for you, then I definitely recommend setting up social media accounts that are branded around your business. This, combined with listing your business on Google my business and, will make a big difference.

I hope this blog helped you foresee into what’s happening in the world of business today. Take care and crush it in 2017.